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My SureCan Story - PWC Super Rack

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Life on the open water is an experience unlike any other especially when you are 50 miles from land on a jet ski! Traveling long distances like this requires the rider to refuel using a gas can while on the water during the ride. The guys over at PWC Super Rack came up with a genius idea, a mountable rack system that easily hooks onto the back of the machine and is able to store multiple things for your ride!

We recently caught up with Nelson to hear their story. "Everything started with my cousin and I going on long distance jet ski rides to the Biminis. Knowing the need of a jet ski rider for gas, coolers, food and water etc, we built the Super Rack!

Our friends fell in love with the racks and they started asking us to make one for them, then my cousin Carlos started building the racks in a garage as a hobby and for close friends only who wanted to buy them. I came along and told Carlos since the demand was so high we needed to open a shop and start manufacturing them as business! We soon built a website, listed them on Amazon, Facebook, & Instagram. Since we have been riding for over 20 years we knew a lot of jet ski clubs and those clubs started to pass the word along and it took off.

The racks make it possible for long rides on jet ski's, and allow the riders to take more things for an overall better experience. We now have added a variety of accessories such as cup holders, umbrella holder, boarding steps and rod holders to enjoy and have fun in sandbars and beaches.

The Super Rack's are currently selling online thru our website, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Rivas Motorsport, Broward Motorsports, & Jetski of Miami and sell it all over the United States.

Recently we bought a large CNC machine and will now be making new styles and focus more on custom racks and since we like SureCan gas cans a lot we specially design our racks for them!"

With products like Super Rack and influential clubs like Florida PWC Riders who lives on the water. They have given SureCan has taken on a whole new life in the Jet Ski world!

To learn more about the PWC Super Rack head over to our website at or check us out on Instagram @PWCSuperRack.


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new My SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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