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Safety Month | Kujo Yardwear Lawn Care Shoes

Spring is now in full swing and that means your lawn needs some TLC! This month we are featuring products that help keep you and your machines running safe! Today we feature an item that most people overlook when working in their yards, that's their shoes. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram at @SureCanUSA to stay up-to-date on Safety Month!

Growing up, my family home was set on a hill and this proved challenging to push the mower up and down each week without slipping and falling. I always had to wear old shoes that had little to no tread and didn't care to get dirty. It was either this or heavy work boots and in the summer, work boots was not an option. I never ended up finding the perfect solution to my problem until 15 years later. Enter Kujo Yardwear.

We met Shawn the founder of Kujo Yardwear a few years ago in Kentucky at the GIE+EXPO. He had recently launched his new lawn care specific shoe company and it was taking off. I was seeing Kujo all over social media wondering what was so special about these shoes, I had to see it for myself. Since then, I have been personally using Kujo Yardwear Shoes and can safely say I will never use any other pair of shoes to mow my lawn or do yard work in ever again!

Not only does Kujo offer great tread that prevents slipping but they also offer a host of other features that help project your feet.

The Kujo Yard Shoe is a tough work shoe that offers durable tread with flexibility and light weight water-resistant breathable material. They come with a tough 1/4 inch rubber out-sole which protects the bottom of the shoe and features 6mm lugs for tough traction and flex grooves for agile mobility. The cushioned EVA mid-sole measures 1/4 inch thick for enhanced comfort and anti-fatigue. The toe cap is a smooth SPU which resists water & abrasion, and sports a flex window for increased breath-ability and agility. The lightweight Transparent Sonic Welds keep the shoe stabilized and supported without the heavy excessive layers. The breathable air mesh canvases the upper to provide airflow while protecting against water and debris with its inner lining. The smart collar lining is equipped with antimicrobial protection and added padding for comfort

Kujo Yardwear offers a few different product options to choose from based on the the work you are doing.

Learn more about Kujo Yardwear.

Visit and follow them on social media to see Kujo in action!


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