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Safety Month | Equipment Defender Security Racks

Spring is now in full swing and that means your lawn needs some TLC! This month we are featuring products that help keep you and your machines running safe. Today's Safety Month product is meant to keep your equipment stored safely to prevent damage and theft! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook & Instagram at @SureCanUSA to stay up-to-date on Safety Month!

Stolen equipment happens more often that you think. Whether you're on the job, away from your trailer or at home/shop for the night, your equipment should be locked up and secure. Equipment Defender offers the solution in a nice sleek, easy to use, mountable rack system. All racks from Equipment Defender are mountable for use with both enclosed and open air trailers as well as truck bed rails. Not only does Equipment Defender racks prevent theft, they also keep your equipment organized and prevent damage due to loose sliding and banging into other things.

Let's take a closer look at how Equipment Defender keeps your SureCan gas can safe and secure. The Equipment Defender SureCan rack features a cutout slot that allows the user to easily rotate the SureCan pouring spout down while still locked in place to fill your equipment. You don't have to remove your SureCan from the rack to Feed Your Machines! When you need to remove your SureCan from the rack, simply pull the locking pin on the side of the rack to release the spring loaded locking arm. This innovative design allows you effortless access to your SureCan at any time. To secure your SureCan rack simply push down on the locking arm, and run a padlock through the locking arm hole, this will prevent theft.  

Take a look for yourself and see how Equipment Defender works with different kinds of equipment.

Learn more about Equipment Defender.

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We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new My SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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