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Safety Month | Comfort Trim Leg Protectors

As Safety Month continues, we are turning our attention to protective clothing accessories.

We ran into the owner and inventor of Comfort Trim a few years ago at an industry expo where he was showcasing a unique product that protects your lower extremities from debris and bugs during lawn care activities. We thought it was a cool concept and decided to put it to the test.

During the summer here in Utah, temperatures will easily rise above 100° F and mowing in pants is not an option! When temperatures get this hot mowing and yard work must get done early in the morning and that’s when bugs like mosquitoes become the other problem! Protecting your legs from the elements is a priority and Comfort Trim solved both problems by offering breathable slip on leg guards that feature industrial vinyl-coated mesh with specially coated breathable polyester to keep you cool and comfortable all day! Other protection provided by Comfort Trim is avoiding debris from hitting your legs due to weed trimming and mowing and harsh chemicals from herbicides and pesticides.

Comfort Trim is designed to fit over any of your preferred lawn care shows without ever removing them. They slip right over your foot and easily adjust to any leg width with the adjustable V-cut collar. The Polyester material makes them easy to clean and keep for a long time.

Comfort Trim offers a few different style options to choose from based on your preference.

To learn more about Comfort Trim, follow themon social media!

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