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Happy Camper Catering | My SureCan Story

As a retiring teacher, I was contemplating my future. Once the final school bell rings, what would I do with my time? As many journeys begin, I started to randomly search the internet. After just a few clicks, I became intrigued by the joyful appearance of DIVCO trucks. I learned that back in the day, Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company (DIVCO) built delivery vehicles. The American landscape was sprinkled with these trucks as they made daily rounds in the neighborhoods delivering fresh milk.

It was interesting how simply looking at these vintage trucks made me smile. At that exact moment, it was clear to me that the truck’s positive vibe would make others smile too! As a teacher, I am fully aware of the importance of mental health, so I had an idea... I could re-purpose a vintage DIVCO delivery truck into a fully licensed food truck and spread good cheer to others. And just like that the idea of “Happy Camper Catering” was created.

Determined to turn my dream into reality, my nationwide quest began to locate one of these iconic vehicles. After a few months, I was finally able to locate & purchase a 1967 DIVCOS nub-Nose Model 206. Although it needed a major overhaul (as the pictures show), I was able to connect with a skilled mechanic and other restoration experts in Benson, Minnesota that were able to see my vision.

After endless hours of elbow grease, welding and mechanical work, the rust and dents were gone. The straighten frame, beautiful auto body work, and a newly installed fuel injected V-8 LS series 6.0-liter engine were now complete. The truck was once again smiling. The finishing touch was a custom roll-out compartment at the rear of the truck to neatly secure my SureCan that I use to easily fill my generator with the flexible spout. And just like that, Happy Camper Catering was ready to hit the road. See full build before and after pictures at the bottom of the post.

Currently, I am in my second summer of spreading joy and positive vibes to others by simply serving scoops of sherbet ice cream. This summer, I have also added the Utility SureCan w/ spigot to my business. It is amazing how customers of all ages smile when they see that the Utility SureCan w/spigot is available for their use. Washing their hands with the Utility SureCan w/ spigot is now part of the Happy Camper experience. Indeed, SureCan products are a valuable part of my business!

When I fill up my SureCans with fuel, or when I fill up my truck, I also add STA-BIL fuel treatment. Adding STA-BIL to your fuel is always a great idea to prevent damage from ethanol and corrosion. Its a cheap, easy way to prevent costly problems later down the road and keep your engines running top notch. It also is a great way to keep your fuel fresh all winter long if you have fuel stored away for winter in cans or equipment. Untreated fuel can go bad quickly and damage your engine. STA-BIL has a bunch of different options to keep your engine running strong whether its a lawn mower or a truck.

Once you get a SureCan, you’ll be glad you did!

Full Restoration Build

To learn more about Happy Camper Catering and the DIVCO Truck Build, follow them on social media and visit their website!

- Instagram: @HappyCamper.Catering

Owner - Margret Hawley | Benson, MN

Photos taken by @naterh99 (Nate Habben)


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