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The Trax Film | Vol. 4

The Trax Film

Vol. 4 | Domination

Snow biking has been rapidly advancing in the past few years, not only in the engineering aspects, but also its global presence. As this growth continues, so do the communities around the globe. At SureCan we wanted to be a part of this growing sport and show the world how easy it was to fill up your snowbike with a SureCan Gas Can.

We caught up with Jaya Lang the man behind he camera and producer of the Trax Film to see what this years film has in store!

"In This years Trax film we ventured out to experience some of these locations around the world like the land of the rising sun which is home to the world famous Japow! Hokkaido, Japan. Accompanied by 2017 X games gold Brock Hoyer and 2018 X games gold Cody Matechuk, Japan will never be the same.

We headed back to Russia to check out what’s new with the Snow rider crew and also visited one of the country’s best winter wonderlands Sheregesh in Siberia which has some blower powder similar to the North American Rockies.

Another cold destination we revisited this year was the far north east of Quebec Canada, a trip the Monts Groulx Mountains which are one of the only real mountains ranges in the east coast with great terrain and snow quality.

Back in Colorado the addition of Snow bike freestyle at X games kicked off and was one for the history books as athletes like Brett Turcotte, Axell Hodges and Jacko Strong threw down on fabricated ramps for the first ever event in Aspen, Colorado.

Continuing our travels we got to spend some time in the west coast of Canada where we got the “Geoff Kyle experience”. The whistler area is home to massive amounts of snow, huge alpine descents and some of the most amazing mountain views in world. And of course, no trip would be complete without stopping in to see our friend and pioneer of the back country progression, Reagan Sieg. Reagan is just gonna send it as always!

With all this and more, join us on this journey of snow biking Domination!"

Featured athletes include, Brock Hoyer, Cody Matechuk, Reagan Sieg, Timofey kuleshov, Leonid Zhelonin, Dmitry Belov, Megan Griffiths, Remi Voyer, Brett Turcotte, Robert Haslam, Rob Adelberg, Ethan Roberts, Axell Hodges, Brody Wilson, Keith Sayers, Jackson Strong, Brett Wallbutton, Takeya Tekeshi, Geoff Kyle, Malcolm Watson and more.

The Trax Film Vol. 4 Domination

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