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Building An ATV Muddin Machine

When it comes to mud riding, building your ATV to be reliable and able to get out of the muddy trails is essential. That is why we reached out to SureCan Advocate @Northern_Riders to see how they build their awesome mud machines!

"We run the @Northern_Riders page on Instagram, and Northern Riders on YouTube. From my experience, to be ready for the mud you need to prepare properly. This includes buying the parts necessary. A radiator relocate and snorkels are important. I purchased a Can-am Outlander XMR and recently a Sportsman 1000 High lifter edition with these features already installed. If your ATV doesn’t come with these, High lifter makes snorkel kits and radiator relocates. With my radiator relocate coming from the factory I went with the Rogue Offroad radiator relocate cover.

The next step is picking out tires. Many companies make mud tires, I have used ITP Mega Mayhems, Gorilla Axle Silverbacks, and High lifter Outlaws. I would suggest all of these tires! Adding these tires requires more clearance. Putting on a lift or arched a-arms will help you get out of ruts or deep mud holes. Lifts can be anything from mild to wild. Ranging from small bracket lifts to portal gear lifts. Super ATV and High Lifter make everything you need to lift your ATV.

With the lift and bigger tires you’ll need to put the power to the ground. This can be done with aftermarket clutches, I suggest Quad Shop Customs. Depending on your budget you can get a new primary and secondary or a kit with springs and weights. A great way to add power is a tuner and exhaust system. I have worked with RJWC exhaust for a couple builds now, every exhaust they make is top of the line. They add power, sound great, and not to mention look good as well. Dobeck performance makes programmers to ensure your ATV is running its best and at its maximum power potential.

Big bore kits are another way to increase your power. Depending on your budget and how far you are willing to take your machine these are all great options. With bigger tires and more power you will need heaver duty axles and belts as well. Breaking an axle or belt can stop your ride in a hurry.

Getting these parts are very important for reliability. Although all of these parts are designed to get you through the mud, however you will eventually get stuck. For those situations I suggest a KFI winch and tiger tail. The tiger tail mounts on the rear of your ATV, making it easy to pull other ATVs or your self out of mud holes. A winch can be attached to a tree or another ATV as well.

Some extras are always nice on your machine to add some function and looks. Personally I suggest a light bar and Precision Offroad Lighting halos, these add good looks and are great for night riding. Graphics are always a good idea and give your ATV a unique look, for this I suggest Spider Graphix. Water proof storage compartments are also a good idea to keep valuables dry. I always keep an extra belt, tools, and portable air compressor in my storage compartment.

I keep my 2.2 gallon SureCan gas can strapped down on my ATV for long rides. I use my 5 gallon SureCan gas can at home to fill up before the ride. What I like best about SureCan is that they are spill proof and easy to use. The spout is located on the bottom and the thumb control is located on top. This provides control over the can and no tipping! The two sizes make them useful for just about everything. I’m happy to be an advocate for such a great gas can!”

To learn more about ATV builds head over their Instagram page @Northern_Riders and give them a follow!

Also don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel!


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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