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My SureCan Story | Colton Sturm

Colton Sturm is one of those guys that pushes everything to the limit and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in a new adventure! He recently returned from the X Games where he was an alternate in the Snow Bikecross event. We were able to catch up with Colton and see what he has been up to over this winter season!

SureCan - "Colton what are you into right now?"

Colton - "I guess I would have to say my general doing is anything with an engine! I love dirt bikes and running around my place in the pit bike! Anything really with an engine I’m in! "

SureCan - "Why Snowbikes?"

Colton - "My snowbiking is getting to be a bigger part of my program. Kind of kicking sleds to the side because snowbikes are growing so fast and I have more fun on them!"

SureCan - "What happened at X Games?"

Colton - "This season I wasn’t exactly prepared. So at the X qualifier I could run at the top but not for very long haha. Still ended up making it into Xgames as the alternate. While there I posted some fast lap times but never made it into the main show. So I will learn from my mistakes and will be prepared for this next season! Snowbikes are a huge growing sport and I’m going to try and keep at the front of it!"

SureCan - " Colton, we recently saw one of your Instagram posts where you jumped a side by side with trax... Where did that come from?"

Colton - "That side by side gig was something I came up with about a year ago on one of my drives, no one has ever jumped a tracked side by side and being that Camso is such a huge supporter of my program they where there to help!

SureCan - "Tell us what happened!"

Colton - It was a crazy experience! I bent a lot of things and got some good R&D! The tracks where not built for that kind of abuse but they did hold up very well! I was not able to accomplish my main goal due to lack of snow out west so I’m going to try and make it happen next year! Maybe constantly trying to think of ways to stand out and do different fun creative things!"

SureCan - "Colton one last question, what do you think of your SureCan gas can?"

Colton - "SureCan has been a sweet thing to add! I show every one every time I get a chance and they say why didn’t some one think of this before it's genius! I use them in so many applications I absolutely love the thing! Best can that I won by far!"

Keep an eye on Colton's journey by following him on Instagram @Colt801


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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