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Meet Chris Nunes | Pro Buggy Offroad Racer!

My name is Chris Nunes, and I am currently 15 years old. I started racing motocross at 4 years old, and retired to off road truck racing at the age of 12. In motocross I won multiple National Championships, and 2017 I won my first championship in Modified Kart (off road truck for kids) in the Lucas Oil Off-road racing series. This makes me the first youth to win championships in both motocross and off-road truck racing. In 2018, I am moving up to the Pro Class, racing Pro Buggy in the Lucas Oil Off-road racing series. My goal for 2018 is to win Rookie of the Year and to also build a strong team of great sponsors and fans!

I have been preparing for my 2018 racing series, by helping others. I started the first of its kind; off road Kart school called “Rebel Core Cali-school of Hard Knox”. At this camp, I teach other young kid’s, ages 10-16 years of age, in becoming stronger racers. The school teaches kids many key tips that took me years to learn. My intention is to shorten the learning curve for this younger kids to becoming a champion. Helping others also helps me sharpen my skills. It truly is a “win-win” for everyone involved. It is unique to have a youth training other youths.

SureCan has been one of my favorite sponsors to work with. The can technology makes it so easy and not back breaking to fill my new Pro Buggy. The fuel cell is actually inside the cockpit area, right next to my driver’s seat. Traditional cans make a mess of my driver’s seat, by spilling all over it and the ground below. The Sure Can makes it easy and quick to fill my Pro buggy without a drop of gas spilling out. Not only is this great for the environment, but my mom doesn’t have to hurt her back filling the tank in-between practices and races. She also doesn’t have to get upset when gas spills over the ground, which no longer happens with our SureCan! The technology is simple, but is life changing when you have to fill fuel tanks as much as we do!

Learn more about Chris at: Mod Kids USA

Follow Chris throughout his racing season! Head over to his Instagram page and give him a follow!

Learn more about Chris' Training Camp

THANK YOU FOR CHEERING ME ON!! Maybe I will get to meet you at one of my races, which are throughout most of the country.


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