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Got Game Tech | Elk Calling App

Whether you are a seasoned life hunter or this will be your first year, understanding the behavior of each animal is crucial to your success! We teamed up with Got Game Tech to bring you real world training in the art of calling!

The heart thumping moment of calling in a massive bull elk is one of a kind! The ElkNut mobile app will drastically improve the way you hunt elk, whether you're a beginner or a long-time elk hunter. Know what you're hearing in the woods, and more importantly, know how to respond to give you the best opportunity to harvest the elk of your dreams.

We sat down with the owners of Got Game Tech to see how they got started and where they are going.

About Got Game Tech:

"My brother in law and I, Ryan Smith, founded Got Game Tech over a year ago. We have since partnered with a software developer, Dustin Blad, and video and audio guy, Jack Openshaw. The four of us are developing hunting mobile apps that focus on helping more new hunters gain the confidence to start and experienced hunters to get better at their craft. We first developed ElkNut with Paul Medel, but are three weeks away from launching our second mobile app, Turkey Tech, and have three more in development. Our model is to partner with an expert who hunts a certain type of animal and wants to help other hunters get started and get better at hunting that animal. We then work together to take all of their knowledge and put it in one place in a user friendly way in our specialized educational framework."

"The bio of Paul Medel on our ElkNut app is probably the best source of information about him."

"Focusing on the ElkNut app itself, we would love to have its multifaceted approach to elk hunting highlighted. More than just an elk calling app. More than just an elk hunting app. Instructional videos on how to make the sounds, real elk audio files, and detailed hunting tips and sequences to put all of this knowledge into practice. Designed to run without data or cell service. Thousands of elk hunters are using it in the field, and we've heard of substantial success from many."

To get your hands on this revolutionary ElkNut elk calling app click this link now!

Stay tuned throughout 2018 and subscribe to our NEWS CAST, we will be posting more in depth training and insights into elk and turkey calling to prepare you for your next hunt!

For more information on Got Game Tech visit their website at


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