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Here at SureCan, the Lawn Care and Landscaping industries are very important to us. We care about the equipment you use everyday and that is why we decided to ask the professionals what their favorite equipment is and why they like it so much.

We surveyed some of the top Lawn Care and Landscaping Social Influencers and asked them to provide us with their top 5 equipment/products that they use every day on the job. Of course they all picked SureCan Gas Can’s as one of their top favorites, but we wanted to know some of the other equipment they prefer. So here is our first annual Lawn Care and Landscaping Equipment/Product Guide! (Order is not an indication of ranking)

SureCan Gas Can - "We no longer have to worry about the smell of spilled gas all over our equipment and trailers" - Brian's Lawn Maintenance - @BriansLawnMaintenance

Razor Back Shovels and Rakes – "They are strong, durable, and lightweight and best of all have a lifetime warranty!"

- Lucky Landscaping - @LuckyLandscapingLLC

Dewalt Power Tools Cordless 20V Impact Wrench – “Torque monster! Comfortable in hand, quality power tool, long lasting battery life. I use it primarily for blade removal.”

- Mitchells Lawncare LLC - @MitchellsLawnCareLLC

M1 RZ Mask – “Keeps us breathing clean especially during leaf season.”

- Dixon Landscaping - @DixonLandscaping

Honda HRX217 21” Push Mower - "This is a must have mower in your trailer. Reliable, durable and reasonable price… this mower has been put through so much but has never let me down.”

- Ambros Landscaping Inc - @AmbrosLandscapingInc.

SCAG Tiger Cat ll – “It’s a great mower for all different sizes of properties. Their hurricane mulch kit works great and cuts wet grass better too.”

- Dels Lawncare - @Del'sLawnCare

T25 48" Walker Mowers "Walker mowers are my favorite because it’s one of the best on the market, it’s well worth your money and it leaves clean and precise lines on customer’s lawns. For fall season it’s also one of the best to clean up leaves with."

- Milton Costa’s Landscaping Services - @MiltonCosta1991

STIHL FS100RX Trimmer – "It delivers reliability and comfort!"

- Your Way Lawn Care LLC - @YourWayLawnCare

ECHO PB 770T Blower – "It's comfortable, sips gas, blows air on your back during summer for coolness, and has a big gas tank great for MPH and CFM for all around use."

- Lanier Lawn Care - @LanierLawnCare

Echo SRM- 2620 Trimmer - "We have used it out in the field for a year and it has impressed us with its light weight and perfectly balanced speed feed to engine distribution. Lots of power without the weight of the engine weighting you down."

- Mower Man Lawn Service - @MowerManLS

Green Touch Industries SURECAGE - "I love the SURECAGE Rack! Industrial yet simple design that allows secure and quick access to fueling equipment on the go! You don't have to take it off the rack to re-fill up your machines."

- Beach River Landscapes - @BeachRiverLandscapes

Gravely Atlas - "The Atlas is a total workhorse! We have also worked on wet grass hauling landscape materials and we have never had a problem with tearing up grass!

- B&B Lawn Care - @BBLawncareKC

Now, here are our top three accessories that we put to the test and recommend every lawn care and landscape professional should be using!

1. ShockStrap 7’ Ratchet Strap – These are hands down the best straps/tie downs you will ever use. They feature a Urethane based shock absorber and 3,000lbs breaking strength limit. As your trailer bounces around the shock absorber takes the abuse while you equipment stays locked down tight the entire ride.

2. VP Racing Fuels 2-Cylce Oil 2 Gallon Mix – Not only is it a perfect mix ratio for our 2+ Gallon SureCan, it runs smother to cleans and protect your machine’s engine better than any other oil mix. We use the 2 Gallon Mix in all of our small engine 2-cycle machines.

3. ISOtunes Pro Noise-Isolating Earbuds - The ISOtunes Pro earbuds were listed on almost every professional’s top 5 list we surveyed. After hearing how good they were we had to get our hands on them and they did not disappoint. They provide hearing protection + bluetooth connectivity means ability to wirelessly stream your music AND take phone calls without compromising hearing protection. They are very comfortable and stay on your ear during harsh motion. The microphone cancels out background noise like mowers, blowers, weed whackers, etc. so users can take phone calls in loud environments.

We hope you enjoyed this Lawn Care and Landscaping Equipment/Product Guide and found it helpful and informative!

We would like to thank all of the professionals that took time to provide their input and experience for each product mentioned and ask that you take time to visit their Instagram pages and start following them for more tips and product reviews!

For more information on SureCan Gas Cans visit our website at


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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