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VP Racing Fuels VP SureCan Review

Let's face it—the fuel can regulations foisted upon us by the DOT, EPA, and CARB have been an unmitigated nightmare. They have resulted in endless frustration and an ocean of spilled gasoline.

Smart motorcyclists who keep fuel at home have used “vintage” spouts to avoid the dangerous situation created by mindless bureaucrats. The catch is that you can actually get ticketed when transporting non-compliant gas cans—ridiculous, but true.

When VP Racing Fuels sent me a press release claim that the company has government-approved fuel cans that are “the safest, most convenient gas can on the market,” I was highly skeptical. I challenged Bruce Hendel, VP’s Director of Sales-Consumer Products to send me the 5-gallon and 2.2-gallon VP SureCan jugs so I could put them to the test.

When they arrived, the first thing I noticed is that the VP SureCan is different! The spout is mounted to the bottom of the plastic can, and there is a lever on the top handle. Plus, the filler cap is on the corner of the SureCan. I filled it with some high-test, for my test!

After taking a couple of minutes to read the instructions—sacrilege, I know—I learned the process and went at it.

First, I unscrewed the cap from the pouring spout. Next, I rotated the spout down into the motorcycle’s fuel tank. Nothing comes out at this point. To get the fuel flowing from the VP SureCan, I released the small locking lever on the top lever with my thumb, and pushed the main lever down.

Much to my surprise, the fuel started flowing into the bike’s tank. While the gas doesn’t pour into the tank quickly, the flow rate from the VP SureCan is satisfactory.

The small filling spout makes it easy to see into the tank—both on street bikes and dirt bikes—to prevent overflowing. Once you get the gas near the top of the tank, simply release the lever and the flow stops. Shake out a couple of drops, and return the spout to the upright positions and screw the cap back on.

The result was not a single spilled drop and, more importantly, zero frustration. The VP SureCan is a 100 percent absolute winner. Both the 5- and 2.2-gallon SureCan units work flawlessly, though be prepared to use some muscle when emptying a full 5-gallon SureCan.

I haven’t met a single motorcyclist who doesn’t hate the DOT, EPA, and CARB fuel cans. VP Racing Fuels’ VP SureCan changes all that by meeting American and Canadian standards, and in some ways improves on the traditional vent/spout can.

Well done, VP Racing Fuels!VP Racing Fuels VP SureCan Fast FactsCapacities: 5 and 2.2 gallonsCertifications: DOT, EPA, CARB, Canada UL Approved.


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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