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At SureCan we not only believe in providing the easiest way to Feed Your Machines TM we also care about the Environment too! That is why we partnered with UCAIR (Utah Clean Air) to bring awareness not only to our own state of Utah but to the entire world.

What you probably don’t know is that your standard, older gas can is actually detrimental to the environment and is a major source of smog-forming pollution. In fact, UCAIR states that some of the ways that old gas cans contribute to VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions are:

  • Permeation of vapors through walls of containers

  • Escaping fumes while fuel is being dispensed

  • Spillage and over filling as fuel is being poured into equipment

  • Spillage and evaporation through secondary vent holes

  • Evaporation through inadequately capped spouts

Don’t worry, according to UCAIR “It’s easy to reduce these emissions by buying a new EPA-approved gas can. As of 2009, the EPA has required standard limits of emissions from gas cans. These new standards have lowered VOCs and harmful carcinogens by 75%.” So how does the EPA Approved SureCan help the environmental cause? By providing a new innovative way to dispense your fuel. The SureCan offers a rotating spout and thumb button release trigger to prevent spilling and overfilling. It also features a durable 6 layer High Density Polyethylene construction that seals all vapors inside the can and prevents it from escaping. While in use the SureCan vents from under the thumb button and when you are finished you simply let go of the trigger and it automatically shuts off the flow of fuel. “This automatic closing feature ensures that the gas can is sealed when not in use, it prevents leaking vapors, protects children from accidental spills or ingestion and eliminates secondary venting holes that often release toxic fumes into the air. Combine all that with thicker walls to reduce vapor permeation and you can see why the new gas cans are much preferred over the old ones.” Says UCAIR.

UCAIR Also states that upgrading your old gas cans can reduce VOC emissions by four pounds per year!

In 2015 SureCan and UCAIR teamed up for a gas can exchange where the public could trade in their older fuel cans for a new SureCan. UCAIR estimates that roughly 7,288 fuel cans were exchanged and they were able to replace an equivalent of eliminating 800 cars driving on the road. (Pictures from the event below)

When you decide to replace your old gas cans, take these guidelines into consideration:

  • Never dispose of gasoline by pouring it onto the ground or into a sewer, street, drain, stream or other body of water, or by putting it into the trash.

  • Excess gasoline in good condition can be added to the fuel tank of a gasoline powered car or truck, outdoor equipment, ATVs, etc.

  • When fueling vehicles, outdoor equipment and ATVs, fuel in the morning or at night to reduce ozone.

  • You can dispose of old gasoline and gasoline containers at any county Household Hazardous Waste Facility. (research your local and state laws before you dispose of your older fuel can.)

Even simple things can make a big difference for our air quality. Just upgrading our old gas cans could cut VOC emissions by 1,400 tons per year. For more on what you can do to make a difference for air quality, click here.

SureCan = The GREENEST RED Can

2015 Gas Can Exchange


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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