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@MowerManLS GIE+Expo Experience!

We had the chance to look at many new products at the expo, but only a couple made the highlights for us to look at, demo outside, and made us excited to use.

The first one was visiting the Gravely show case. Here we got to see the new Yamaha engines that Gravely is going to offer in the new zero turns coming out in 2017. The three new engines – the MX775V-EFI, MX800V-EFI and MX825V-EFI – range from 29 gross horse power to 33 certified gross horse power. The second piece of equipment that caught our eye was the new Gravely Pro-QXT the new 2 wheeled work horse offering several convenient attachments including a 32” snowblower, 32” brush mower as well as a 36” and 48” finish mower. We even had the opportunity to have a conversation with Dan Ariens, CEO of Ariens Company, and take a quick photo. Later we demoed the new Gravely zero turn mower with Yamaha engine and the new Gravely Pro-QXT outside in the demo area and it had us feeling like a kid playing with new hot wheels. It was a blast!

In terms of hand held power equipment, we talked with an Echo representative about the new Echo SRM 2620. This new Echo ProXtreme Trimmer comes with 25.4cc and speed-feed 400 head. This is a lot of horse power and was built with more power to weight ratio. These specs made us want to demo it outside. The echo demo area had the competitor trimmers out there as well so we could put it to the test to see how they handle side by side through the torque test. After the torque test, Echo handle without letting down while the competitor felt as though it was getting bogged down. Wow, we were impressed with the Echo 2620! We got so excited about it that we asked to cut some grass with it. The echo representative Laughed and let us!

We also spent some time at the Surecan booth as well. There were so many people crowded around that they almost needed a bigger booth. That’s good for business. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing how many people were genuinely interested in the product. Seeing their faces light up like a light bulb had gone off in their head when they saw how gravity helps with not spilling the fuel. We used to spill fuel so much, but not anymore and we have Surecan to thank for that. Despite the fact that their booth was in the dark for most of the day due to a storm that shut the power off, they didn’t let that slow them down. They were so much fun and we can’t wait to meet with them again in the future. I’m also hoping that there will be an outside demo booth next year to show how easy it is to fill equipment.

The RZ Industry booth was pumping as well. They offer great options for winter as well as summer. We actually took a mask out and used it while demoing equipment outside for a couple hours. While demoing we caught a video while wearing the mask demoing the Gravely Atlas as well as the Echo 560 chainsaw. These videos can be found on our YouTube channel and Instagram account. With dust flying all over the place, we were able to breathe easy and not worry about breathing in all of the harmful stuff in the air. The guys at the booth were so fun and had a passion for their product.

The 2016 Gie Expo was a nice little vacation to see many industry firsts for the coming year. We hope our shared highlights can help inspire you to try out these new products that are coming out and some that are available now. Keep living the dream and making it happen! See you next year at GIE 2017!


We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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