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My SureCan Story

Hi, My Name is Andy Wilson I am the owner and operator of Cut & Clean Lawn Care in Kansas City. After the last couple of years purchasing and breaking many gas cans over the last couple years "Mainly The Spring Neck Gas Cans" over time 5 gal of fuel resting weight on the neck would always end up breaking the spout on those Cans! I decided to purchase a couple SureCans in both the 5gal and the 2.2gal I love the design and the durability of the cans and not to mention being able to Feed my Machines at any angle with the adjustable spout I know I will not need to purchase any other gas cans! Thanks surecan!

We would love to hear your story about how the SureCan has helped make your life a little bit easier. Each month we will feature a new SureCan Story, please submit yours by emailing us at and don't forget to include pictures!

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