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Experience the Toughest and Most User-Friendly Fuel Can Available!

Say goodbye to cheap, hard to use, spill everywhere fuel cans and hello to the SureCan.  Our durable design reduces the risk of spilling and eliminates the need for heavy awkward pouring positions, so you can fuel up quickly, mess-free!


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Spill-Proof Technology

Expectations Exceeded

SureCan is the first fuel can of its kind and is built with the best materials to ensure it holds up to the use and abuse thrown at it. From durability to one-handed use technology, SureCan is the most durable and easiest fuel can you will ever use!


This is not  your same old, hard to use, spill on yourself fuel can. The SureCan is a High Quality fuel dispensing machine 100% Made in the USA! 


SureCan is made with 6 individual layers including HDPE - High Density Polyethylene plastic and a barrier layer in the middle. Making it stronger and preventing fumes from escaping.


Each SureCan is built to automotive grade standards. Featuring all the best materials we could find including those found in your vehicles fuel tank.


We put our cans to the test to make sure they not only meet your expectations but exceed them! Our thumb button and spout have been cycle tested to simulate up to 26 years of daily use without ever failing.

B&B Lawncare

"We can toss it, run it over and still be able to put it to work day after day!

Kevin O'Leary - Shark Tank

"Great products have very simple solutions, I get it right away, I would buy that, It's easy to see it's benefit is 2 Seconds"

The Water Craft Journal

"SureCan is light-years ahead of your old cans and worth every penny!"
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